Choosing a Safe Hitch

A car can become not only a “vehicle”, but also an object of increased danger if the owner does not pay due attention to its technical condition, saves on spare parts and accessories and behaves irresponsibly on the road.

An automobile tow bar or towing device (Hitch), among others, is an important component of road safety. 

Before you buy a towbar

Before buying a TSU, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of various models. It is worth paying attention to well-known brands that have worked well in the automotive market.


All towbars manufactured by large companies are characterized by excellent quality and high margin of safety. This is important, because the trailer hitch for a passenger car should easily support the maximum permissible trailer weight with a load, that is, 3,500 kg.

Large, well-known manufacturers subject their products to multi-stage tests, it strictly meets the high requirements of European standards. All towbars for foreign cars are made of durable steel and have a multilayer coating that reliably protects the metal from corrosion. 

Arranged this device is very simple. The carrier beam is mounted on the body frame, and a ball joint of a standard diameter of 50 mm is attached to it in various ways and locked with best hitch lock In cars for the installation of towbars, specially prepared regular openings are provided.

One of the indicators of the quality of the TSU can be the presence in the set of reliable mounts or hardware.
Due to the design features of vehicles, towing devices are available specifically for each brand.

If you buy a towbar that is not exactly suitable for the car, then there will be difficulties with its installation: there will be a need to change the mounting of the device, and this will negatively affect its reliability.

Electric equipment for a turnbuckle

Important for the future operation of the device is its electrical equipment. Most often, towbars for foreign cars are equipped with a 7-pin socket, but there are 13-pin ones. Therefore, before buying, you must definitely find out which plug the trailer has.

In case of discrepancy, you can purchase a special adapter. But it is better to avoid additional connections that can fail on rough roads, and buy a tow bar with a socket that matches the trailer plug. 

Towbar systems

A novelty in the market is a folding electric drive device. When the button is pressed, the towbar automatically pushes out from under the bumper and in a matter of seconds it is ready for use.

One of the most popular systems is considered to be quick-detachable. In it, the ball is vertically inserted into the socket of the device. Mounts, depending on the design of the towbar, can be made with a special lock of 3 balls, a pin or nuts.

In addition, there are semi-removable and welded systems. These are stationary devices, due to the simplified design, which are distinguished by a more favorable price.

All of these systems are characterized by high reliability, and only the manufacturer’s trademark can guarantee the quality and safety of a particular towbar


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