Welcome to the Plastic Bug Company!

 This website is dedicated to the "Thingmaker" line of toys manufactured  by the Mattel toy company during the 1960's. What could be more fun than a toy that could make other toys?


Many others find this toy to still be fascinating and fun, even though it is has been over 40 years since it was first manufactured. A version of this toy made a comeback in the 1980's, but the newer molds were not always made to the same standard as the earlier molds from the 1960's.


This toy is now somewhat of a collector's item, but because so many of these were made, the molds are readily available on Ebay. New old stock of the goop is available as well. Like myself, a few people are making and selling new goop.


You will find at this website not only new goop, but tips for making better creations, and also downloadable files of original instructions that came with the Thingmaker toys. This site is very new and is still a work in progress. 


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