Slitherees Mold Insert  - New Reproduction

Botttom side of insert - New Reproduction 


Creepy Crawlers Reproduction Slitherees Mold Insert -  This is a reproduction insert, or hole maker as named by Mattel. It is made of Pewter for the Slitherees mold that is so often missing. It is copied from an original Mattel insert. Part of the handle on the backside has been thickened to improve the casting of this little part. This insert works well with an original Mattel Thingmaker oven or in a Toaster Oven. It will no doubt work well even with the new "Lightbulb" type ovens. Since this insert is made of Pewter, it should not be exposed to temperatures higher than 500 degrees and should be treated with care. Most goop burns at 350, so this should not be a problem. Price is $15, shipping is free.

Slitherees Mold Insert

$ 15.00 USD


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