On this page, I thought it would be fun to post pictures of a few of my creations. I would also like to post pictures of creations made by others. If you would like to share photos of some of your things, please email me and I will post them to hopefully inspire others to create things of goop!

 Lion - Made from Zoofie Goofies Molds.



 A pair of Mini-Dragons



Mini Dragons



 Eeeeks - Spider-Fly Insectoid



 Zoofie Goofies - Elephant



 Fun Flowers



 Massive Creepy Crawler Fun at the Plastic Bug Company Headquarters!

Dragonfly - Made from Creepy Crawlers Molds with wings! 



A pair of Christmas Beasties. 



Eeeeks - Bubble Back Insectoid



 Eeeeks - Spooky Slithery Insectoid



 Eeeeks - Borer Insectoid



 Here's a few photo's of a MIni-Dragon from Lisa of Billerica MA - Thanks Lisa!


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